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India Diaries: Little Terrorist

An award winning short film which is a light take on the cross-border tension between India and Pakistan.

Who’s That? Aakash Nihalani

An article featuring the work of popular street artist- Aakash Nihalani.

Horn – OK – Jeepney

A photographic stumbling drawing similarity between the Indian trucks and Philippine jeepney.

Sunrise on the Streets

A photographic feature on the Sun rising over the the streets.

The Indian Male Comradeship

Two simple men – looking over at the busy city – peeling and sharing an orange to go with the chat.

The Power Woman

Was wandering the streets the other day and came across this beautiful scene. What struck me first with this woman would have to be her independence. The ease with which she manages the rug at the back of her cycle and the bag in the front, not to forget the sari she is wearing is not the easiest outfit for cycling.