India Diaries: The Kabir Project

‘Kabira Khara Bazaar Mein,

Mange Sabki Khair

Na Kahu Se Dosti,

Na Kahu Se Bair’

(Kabira in the market place, wishes welfare of all

Neither friendship nor enmity with anyone at all)

– Kabir

The Kabir Project was initiated by Shabnam Virmani, filmmaker and artist, in 2003 as a tribute to the famous poet Kabir. Through the course of this project, she traveled through the cults who continue to keep the poet’s beliefs alive. This resulted in 4 documentaries, several music albums and books.

As promised, Cult’s new weekly – India Diaries – will bring to you interesting documentaries and short films revolving around this country of colour, culture and raw beauty. The film shared below is one of the documentaries made in the course of The Kabir Project – Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein. The film is named after one of the Kabir”s famous poems also known as ‘dohas‘. The article starts with a couplet from this poem itself.

The film is an interesting one because it reveals the relevance of Kabir’s words in today’s world. Some people follow him noticeably while some unknowingly while some lose his very essence.

Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein Part 1

Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein Part 2

Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein Part 3


Do let me know what you think about this film. If you want to know more about The Kabir Project, drop by at their official website.

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  1. today i was searching for some images of kabir on net and found your website, i visited your website and liked it. i wud like to know more about your kabirt project.
    i m also very much interested in theatre and i m working on a music album on kabir these days and moreover i m also planning to go for live music shows on kabir in new age style.

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