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Here is the story of a man who inspired me. Recently I came across an interesting question – Can art change the world? Think about it – few strokes, some abstract concept, usually presumed to be beyond the reach or understanding of most people – ‘art’ can tend to be far to arrogant to fit in as the ‘world changer’. This was what I believed till I came across the Inside Out Project.

The Inside Out Project is a global crowdsourced art project which shares personal stories of people by displaying their portraits at public places. JR, a popular Parisian street artist, is the founder of this project. JR has been famous through the streets of Europe and now the world because of his trademark style of graffiti. This artist however has nothing to do with spraying fluorescent on the walls. What he does is quite different. He takes a classic black and white portrait photograph of ordinary people, prints an up-scaled version of it and glues it all over the streets. He exhibits his photographs in the streets as he thinks its “the largest art gallery in the world.

JR’s Work:

The question in your mind must be the one I had before I watched his TED talk. How does pasting this image on the street change the world? I’m not going to be the bad friend who reveals the climax before you have read the book. So go ahead and watch the video below:

JR at the TED Talk:

Just so you know, JR won the TED Prize this year for his innovative idea and actually proving the one infact, can change the world with art. To know more about this project, do visit the official website.

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