Horn – OK – Jeepney

One of the best locations to spot the raw appeal for art in India would have to be the Indian HORN-OK-PLEASE. You got that right, I am referring to the bright, lotus-clad, ‘chintu-pappu‘ named Indian trucks! Almost no two trucks look exactly like each other, which in this world of over standardisation is a breath of fresh air.

This post, however, is not about them. Its about their far twin in Philippines – the Jeepney!  The jeepney is a common form of public transport in Philippines. The origin lies in the post-US war days, where the people decided to use the US army tanks creatively by incorporating them into their public transport system. The creative part doesn’t end there though.

Each jeepney exhibits a riot of colours and artistic work, much like its desi cousin. Here are few glimpses of the jeepney:

Image Courtesy: Lotushaus

Image Courtesy: Rjose

Image Courtesy: Genvencampaigns

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