The Art of Trench – Burberry’s latest project

The trench coat. The trench coat holding the world together? Burberry is making it happen.

Its not a big addiciton in India considering the irrational tropical blessings but most of the cold countries practically live in their trench. Which is why Burberry’s recent project – The Art of Trench – makes a note in my mind.

The Art of Trench is a simple initiative to drawing the world together with one simple piece of garment. The project is a documentation of people dawning their latest trench coat. The project was initiated by one of fashion’s biggest brands, Burberry and  Scott Schuman. Schuman was to photograph people across the streets wearing their Burberry coats as a part of this project.

The Official Trailer

The project expanded and now includes people all over the world sharing an image of themselves with their favourite trench coat. Viewers can log on to the site and ‘like’ or comment on the images. The site is beautiful to say the least. The project attracted attention because of the big names associated with it. There is Burberry and fashion’s most sought after blogger – Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.

Hear Schuman share his experience:

What I love about this idea is the way it ties together a simple trait which is common in all of us. How one trench coat brings out so many stories with now so many listeners. What are your thoughts on this initiative? Don’t forget to drop behind your comments below.

Link: Art of Trench

Why the name Cult Affair?

Starting a new website seems quite similar to having a child. (Declaration: Child birth being used as a far off metaphor. No comparison to the physical pain of child birth). All the months of anticipation, the routine kicks, pain and drama comes down to the final war cry when its out for the world to see.

The best part is the name hunting. We all want it to be ‘different’, catchy, simple and more.

We shuttled through far too many names with ‘cult affair’ being one amongst many. Funnily though, all the files related to this site was saved in a folder named Cult Affair. Almost as if we subconsciously chose it.

Cult Affair originates from the culmination of 2 words :

affair [əˈfeər]


a relationship especially a secret one

cult [kʌlt]


cult means someone or something which has become very popular with a particular group of people. (see also cult affair)

cult affair


cult affair means an ongoing love affair with all things ordinary and simple. The lovers seek inspiration in what would popularly be known as boring surroundings.

Sentence Usage: ‘I must go to the backwaters down Kerala and find my soul’ the lonely man thought to himself. ‘Oh to hell with it, it is too expensive. I am better off cult affairing with my local streets.’

This would be a little sneak peek in to the name of Cult Affair and as you are all aware now a new addition to our mental dictionaries.

Cult Affair – The Debut

Cult Affair. Two simple words. One new world.

Cult Affair promises to be your new daily destination for all things which inspire you in a new way. Its a great day to choose as a launch date – 25th December 2010. We like to think of it in a way that all the celebration is for Christmas and the Cult Affair launch. 😉 There are many people who have helped in taking this risk – rather than simply spelling each name out, we rather say the big thanks to the entire rtBlogs Network.

Now about what Cult Affair deals with. Cult Affair is an offbeat adventure in to the world of simplicity. There have been many times that you have passed by that same old street without ever paying heed to what is going on around. Stop. Notice. Because that is what we are doing. We are looking amongst the most regular roads for extraordinary stories.

With many photographs, stories, interviews, DIYs and much more lined up, hopefully this will not be the only time you will be visiting this blog. Looking forward to all your support, feedback and ideas.