Cult Affair – The Debut

Cult Affair. Two simple words. One new world.

Cult Affair promises to be your new daily destination for all things which inspire you in a new way. Its a great day to choose as a launch date – 25th December 2010. We like to think of it in a way that all the celebration is for Christmas and the Cult Affair launch. 😉 There are many people who have helped in taking this risk – rather than simply spelling each name out, we rather say the big thanks to the entire rtBlogs Network.

Now about what Cult Affair deals with. Cult Affair is an offbeat adventure in to the world of simplicity. There have been many times that you have passed by that same old street without ever paying heed to what is going on around. Stop. Notice. Because that is what we are doing. We are looking amongst the most regular roads for extraordinary stories.

With many photographs, stories, interviews, DIYs and much more lined up, hopefully this will not be the only time you will be visiting this blog. Looking forward to all your support, feedback and ideas.

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