The Classic Indian Ride

Still in my mood of the railways, now I present to you another antique ride – the chariot.

The Indian Rails

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Indian Railways. What attracts me the most though is the view from outside the window – especially of tracks merging and separating. So poetic, don’t you think?

Power Woman Encore

The power woman is back. Today, I came across this wonderful woman who epitomises the labour community of India. Tried to catch her in her element this time amidst her work.

The Half Rickshaw – Business on Wheels

Recently I wrote about the famous yellow taxi being smartly used as a marketing tool. Today we go a step further – a rickshaw which has been cut into half and used as a sugarcane juice churning machine. The ingenious India always manages to pop up about on the streets.

Dashrath Patel : Jack versus the Master

Genius of the likes of Picasso, Shakespeare – we have heard of. How many are acquainted with a simple name like Dashranth Patel? Trust me, he is worth knowing of.

2011 is here

This one is a small post guys just to wish you for the New Year! Happy New Year guys. Hope you all have a great one filled with laughter and colour.

Great Marketing Strategies – On the Taxi

I passed by this beautiful work of art or should I say advert today while roaming around the streets. This car is actually owned by a company dealing in carpets – Baba Carpets.

Street Photography Now: Must read

Street Photography Now is a book recently published by Thames and Hudson, which features works of 46 famous street photographers from all over the world. This is a short film about the book and street photography in general. What attracts me to this concept is the diversity when it comes to the origin of the photographers contrasted with the similarity in the human habit.

The Indian Male Comradeship

Two simple men – looking over at the busy city – peeling and sharing an orange to go with the chat.

The Power Woman

Was wandering the streets the other day and came across this beautiful scene. What struck me first with this woman would have to be her independence. The ease with which she manages the rug at the back of her cycle and the bag in the front, not to forget the sari she is wearing is not the easiest outfit for cycling.