Cult Loves: Recycled Alphabets

An innovative piece of art created by artist Micah Lexier and poet Christian Bok.

Cult Loves: Inside Out Project

An article about the Inside Out Project initiated by street artist and TED Prize winner, JR.

Who’s That? Jayesh Sachdev

An exclusive interview with the award winning artist, Jayesh Sachdev.

India Diaries: Little Terrorist

An award winning short film which is a light take on the cross-border tension between India and Pakistan.

India Diaries: The Kabir Project

An interesting film about the famous poet Kabir and his relevance in the modern context.

Who’s That? Aakash Nihalani

An article featuring the work of popular street artist- Aakash Nihalani.

Coming soon on Cult

What can you expect this month at Cult?

A rickshaw is always picture perfect

A photographic series featuring the Indian rickshaw.

The Best from the World Press Photo Awards 2011

An article sharing the best of the winning entries from the World Press Photo Awards, 2011.

Tête-à-Tête Thursday: Happily Unmarried

An exclusive interview with the founding partner of a kitsch Indian design house, Happily Unmarried.