Horn – OK – Jeepney

A photographic stumbling drawing similarity between the Indian trucks and Philippine jeepney.

A door to nowhere

A photographic stumbling with a beautiful door in the middle of nowhere.

Sunrise on the Streets

A photographic feature on the Sun rising over the the streets.

A Child’s Play

A photographic series featuring a brother-sister duo hovering about the streets.

Tête-à-Tête Tuesday: Art meets Fashion

An interview with the artist behind the upcoming label Art meets Fashion.

Pigflower: The T-Shirt is back!

An article featuring the work of Pigflower, a kitsch tee-shirt design house based in Bangalore, India.

The 3rd India Art Summit: India becomes the canvas

It is that time of the year again where all the artists push away the winter cold with the heated paint strokes. The capital is in gear to host one of the most awaited events of the year – The India Art Summit 2011.

Cult Affair gets fancy on Facebook

Have been churning my brain out all afternoon giving Cult a much needed Face-makeover for its official Facebook Page.

The Urban Gaze

Two men who probably hail from a lesser know village – come to the city with their big dreams – between all the hustle bustle of the city noise, watch these men take their gaze at the urban roads.

The India Circus 2011 – Must Buy!

All set to be organised for the coming year, I decided to venture out hunting for a classic year planner. I had almost lost hope to the monotony of the blacks and browns when I stumbled upon this drool worthy planner – The India Circus 2011.